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Dr. Annaji Ambalkar's Ayurveda Psoriasis Treatment is very unique and Based on years of Experience

Has Psoriasis skin disease stolen your joy for living? Have you exhausted medical cures with little gain or none at all? If your answer is yes, we want to talk to you. Although you feel hopeless, we have good news for you. It is about a meticulous treatment for Psoriasis that doesn’t cause harm. It really works and we have evidence to show you. Our ARC facility is available to all victims. We have branches across India, making it easier for anyone to find us.

Treatment for Psoriasis that is recommended by conventional health experts is good until it starts causing terrible side effects. In addition to scarring, medical cures may irritate, darken, and stain your skin. Besides, some methods demand close supervision of a qualified expert. So they are inconvenient and expensive. Other than affecting the skin itself, medical treatment options tend to harm internal body organs like the liver and kidneys when administered for too long. Above all, it is difficult to use medicines with strong side effects for too long. This is why you need to trust our alternative psoriasis treatment method.

What’s our method?

It is none other than Ayurveda. This was a medical system originated from India over five thousand years ago. Today, Ayurveda has been accepted locally and internationally. Being such a wide holistic medical system, Ayurveda has a solution to every disease. We practice Ayurvedic medicine in Bangalore and other major towns of India.

What is Ayurveda all about?

This healing system’s foundation is the notion that we have optimal health when there is a proper balance between the body, mind, and spirit. So it seeks to restore balance in the body via painless treatment methods. Ayurvedic therapy is also based on the fact that humans are made of five components: water, air, earth, fire, and space. When these elements are mixed within the body, they form three types of life forces or energies. These are known as doshas. While all three doshas (Vata, pitta, and Kapha) are unified, one dosha is typically more influential.

As we are all different, the dosha that is more potent in me is not necessarily the same one that is influential in you. When doshas are imbalanced, there is a possibility of getting ill or irritable. Hence, our Ayurveda doctors will seek to find out whether your life forces are balanced. Imbalanced doshas could interrupt the natural flow of vital energy (Prana). As a result, the disrupted energy flow could interfere with the digestion process and cause an accumulation of body waste.

Our treatment plan

Since you have severe psoriasis, we will first assess you to see if your natural energy is flowing correctly. We have been practicing Ayurveda medicine since the 1950s. The late Dr. Annaji Ambalkar was the founder of the ARC facility. His great legacy and beautiful reputation live on. We will administer Ayurvedic cures practically and slowly but surely you will get healed. So, visit our website to learn more about our Psoriasis Treatment in Hyderabad, in Bangalore and Psoriasis Treatment in Kerala. We are ready to answer all your questions about our Ayurvedic therapies. In addition to yoga, we will use other practical and effective techniques to finish your psoriasis for good. We have the best treatments in this country and have many ways to prove it.

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