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Can Scalp Psoriasis be Permanently Cured? Ask the Expert

Scalp psoriasis occurs in about fifty percent of the people who suffer from psoriasis. It appears as itchy, red areas that have silvery-white scales. Scalp psoriasis can cause several things, including mild scaling and crusting on the whole scalp. At times, this scaling or crusting can extend onto the forehead, inside or behind the ears, the beard area and around the nose.

If the scaling you have is mild, it may subside on its own. However, you may need treatment at times. It can take several months or longer to bring serious dandruff under control. When you do so, you can keep it from flaring by using special moisturizers or shampoos.

Scalp psoriasis cannot be permanently cured because a cure for psoriasis has not yet been discovered. However, there are several steps you can take to manage it. Treatment for psoriasis of the scalp depends on how serious the condition is, if it has responded to treatment in the past, the amount of hair you have and whether you have psoriasis on other parts your body.

Mild cases of psoriasis can be treated with medications, which are placed directly on the scalp. If you have a more serious case of scalp psoriasis or you have psoriasis on other parts of your body, it may be necessary to take medicines that treat your entire body. You may take the medicines via injection or by mouth.

If the psoriasis fails to respond properly after repeated use of a particular medicine, your physician may combine it with another kind of treatment or replace it. One of the initial steps that doctors take is removing scales to make it easier for the medicines to work. Your doctor can also recommend the use of coal tar products, which are available over the counter as creams, shampoos, gels, soaps and ointments. These products can reduce itching, inflammation and scaling.

The other products that your doctor may recommend include medicated shampoos, salicylic acid and intralesional steroid injections. Natural treatments for scalp psoriasis are also available. They include aloe vera, apple cedar vinegar, dead sea salt, Listerine, ginger, glycerin and coconut oil. These products are usually applied on the scalp and then rinsed out.

If you are searching for effective psoriasis treatment, you can benefit from consulting with the doctors at the Ayurvedic Research Centre (ARC). At ARC, we offer the best treatment for scalp psoriasis. At our clinic, you will receive guidance about psoriasis and a complete solution by our specialist doctors. When you consult with our doctors, we are sure that your attitude towards scalp psoriasis will change positively. You will also get inspired to assist other people who suffer from this dreaded disorder.

The treatment we offer at ARC is superior. Apart from treating people with psoriasis, we also inform the society about this disease. We inform people about psoriasis, its symptoms, signs, side effects, treatment and complications among others things.

After treatment at the Ayurvedic Research Centre, you can live a psoriasis free life. No residual damage will be left on your skin. We use Ayurveda as the main method of treating psoriasis along with lifestyle and diet changes. We have treated numerous patients successfully over the last 25 years. Visit us now to receive effective treatment for scalp psoriasis.

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