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Is Vitiligo Treatment Possible Through Ayurveda?

Vitiligo is a skin pigmentation disorder that occurs due to the death of melanocytes. This results in the loss of skin color and formation of patches. This disorder can affect the skin on any part of the body. It may also affect the eyes, hair and the interiors of your mouth. Vitiligo manifests itself as white patches that appear on the skin.

Vitiligo is caused by the vitiation of all the three doshas together. The Pitta Dosha is the main dosha that is in imbalance. Vitiligo is also associated with certain inflammatory and autoimmune diseases like psoriasis, diabetes, pernicious anemia and thyroid disease. Vitiligo can also be hereditary. The children of people who have this disorder are more likely to develop it.

One of the effective methods for treating this disorder is Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment of Vitiligo is also safe. Ayurveda guarantees that after a patient begins treatment for vitiligo, the patches will cease to spread. The theory of Ayurveda states that equilibrium is achieved and maintained if tridoshas like Pita, Vat and Kapha are balanced.

You can receive effective ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo at the Ayurvedic Research Centre (ARC). At ARC, we perform ongoing research for treating psoriasis and other diseases by using the Ayurvedic system of medicine. We have a strong belief in Ayurveda when it comes to treating vitiligo and other disorders. Ayurveda is the world’s earliest complete medical system. It was introduced more than 5,000 years ago during the Vedic civilization in India.

Ayurveda seeks to bring the forces of the body into harmony so that they can promote emotional, physical and spiritual growth. This approach has proven to be effective over hundreds of years. For this reason, most of the Ayurvedic healing systems have come to be accepted in these modern times.

In Ayurveda, herbal medicines, which are naturally available in the world, are used to treat diseases. This indicates that nature has a remedy for many of the diseases that humans suffer from. Herbal formulation help improve immunity and this checks the main cause of vitiligo.

ARC is the right place to seek Ayurvedic treatment of vitiligo. You will get excellent treatment to eliminate this disease. At the Ayurvedic Research Centre, you will obtain guidance and information about this disorder. Our expert doctors will also provide you with a complete solution. When you seek treatment at ARC, your attitude towards vitiligo will change in a positive way. In addition, you will get inspiration to assist other people suffering from vitiligo.

At ARC, we have successfully treated many different kinds of skin diseases over the last 25 years. We have treated more than 100,000 patients successfully. ARC has also received several national and international awards. We have a number of branches in Pan India and our health care professionals are skilled and experienced. At ARC, we also provide our patients with a homely environment. We also offer online consultation, medication and treatment services. We also provide patients with the opportunity to make their payments online. Contact us today to get Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo.

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