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Know Why It is important to Raise awareness about psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in which skin cells mature quickly in 8-10 days in contrast to the maturation period of normal skin cells which is 28-30 days. As a result, the extra skin cells appear on the scalp and body in the form of scales. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease caused by chromosomal abnormalities affecting almost 3-5% of our population. Although the disease has been medically well-understood, there is not much awareness about the condition among the general public. Due to lack of awareness, people take it as a contagious disease and tend to maintain distance from a patient suffering from psoriasis. By learning more about the disease, people can do their part in establishing a better understanding of the condition within the society.

Indian psoriasis foundation provides the necessary help for managing the disease and promoting research for finding a cure for the same. People at the research foundation for psoriasis in Mumbai continuously work for bringing back the harmony in the elements of the body of a psoriasis patient. This helps in promoting the emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of the patient. The foundation believes that only by spreading required awareness can we cure the disease and improves the quality of life of a patient suffering from psoriasis. Also, a better awareness can help in creating more valuable options for the patients. Therefore, it is extremely important to raise awareness about psoriasis. Raising awareness for the disease provides following benefits:

  • It helps the patients suffering from the disease realize that they are not alone. The patients get an understanding that many people throughout the globe are also suffering from similar symptoms on a daily basis.
  • Awareness about the disease opens up new and better treatment options for the patients.
  • Until this time, the disease was given a lower-level priority. An awareness about the disease helps in creating a higher-priority for its medical treatment.
  • Most importantly, an awareness about psoriasis helps in creating a better understanding of the disease within the society so that the patients are no more looked down and avoided.

Spreading awareness for psoriasis is very simple. All you need is some education about the disease. By educating yourself on the disease, you can communicate the message to others more effectively and help in creating a better understanding of the condition. Join hands with the Indian Foundation to help psoriasis patients get a ray of hope and realize that they are not alone. You can also read more about the disease, its symptoms, causes, and treatment options online. Useful information is available on various online portals to provide a better understanding of the disease. If you cannot spare regular time for participating actively in the awareness program conducted by the foundation; you can still contribute by sharing informative resources about the disease on social networking sites. A mere click and a simple share can help in creating a better life for a patient suffering from the chronic inflammatory disease.

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